Identify ourselves with flowers
Nageire and Chabana have the same way of putting flowers
into vessels basically.
Although the interpretation that Chabana is
just a flower arrangement for a decoration of the tea room or
tea ceremony is not wrong, it should also be freely represented,
as in the case where “Nageire” always opens a wind hole
to the style of “Ikebana” that has been becoming a mere formality.
However, the interpretation of the vessels becomes
more important, because it is not enough to leave the vessels
to the flowers, like Nageire.It is also essential to understand
the concept of events and to think of a person to whom we entertain.


Selection for flower vessels
The Japanese have been playing with antiques
to select and use as vessels for flowers since
the time of Sen no Rikyu, a great tea master. 
In our class, you can see and touch a wide range
of genuine antique vessels and tools from ancient times to medieval times,
modern times, and the Yi Dynasty period, for cultivating eyes to see the beauty of antiques.


About Classroom
It is a quiet place surrounded by thickets of
Musashino. Each space is provided for the flowers
to be displayed in large and small room.
With a small number of participants, even beginners and people who start in the middle of the class can receive careful instruction.
◎Regular Course-twice a month / 13,000 yen per month
◎Saturday Course-twice a month /13,000 yen per month
◎Free-participation course / 8,000 yen each
※Expenses of flowers and other materials are included in the amount of each fee.
※Please check the schedules updated on the info. page before applying.