Representative Mutsuo Kanemaki

While working as a graphic designer, he became familiar with antique vessels, and started flower arrangements by using such antiques, as his lifework.
He later learned Koryu Ikebana, one of Japanese flower arrangement.
1993 Studied under Toshiro Kawase and encountered the flowers of “Nageire.”
1997 Established his own style of flowers and “KANEMAKI-Antique Art & Chabana.”
Presided over Kanemaki Workshop of “Japanese Flowers with Ancient Wares.”
Started Ikekomi for Kaiseki cuisine restaurant and other locations.
2005 “Exhibition-Flowers and Ancient Wares ” at In Touch, Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, Shibuya, Tokyo
“Exhibition-Selection of Flower Vessels” at Ichukyo, Ome, Tokyo
2007 “Exhibition-Arranging the Field Flowers” at Showa Kinen Park, Tokyo
2011 “Exhibition-Flowers of Shimotsuki with Ancient Wares” at Tsuta Salon, Omotesando, Tokyo
2014 “Exhibition-Hana-kai” at Mumon-an, Nishi-kunitachi, Tokyo
2015 “Exhibition-Flowers of Autumnal Lonely Feeling" at Tsuta Salon, Omotesando, Tokyo