◎We will open a Saturday class from April.
 At first, choosing a vessel used for flower arrangement
 among some antiques is required.
 We provide kind instructions for beginners who start
 learning flowers and antiques.
 For more information about the lesson,
 please see the page of Classroom.

◎Our effort to avoid COVID-19
 We make the room clean and open for not being dense
 with a small number of participants.
 Your disinfecting of hands and wearing mask during
 the class would be appreciated.
 Please refrain from participating when you are not in
 good physical condition.

●Saturday Course
 13,000 yen/ twice a month    8,000 yen/once a month
 Other Classes
●Regular Course-twice a month 
 For participants who continuously take classes.
●Free-participation Course  
 Please apply at your convenience.
※Trial lessons are available for the above .
 The number of participants of each class is limited.


A road of Hake

The surrounding area consists of Tachikawa terrace.
Spring water called “Hake” gushes out from the cliff line,
and it creates a beautiful wetland.